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Hi there, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Peter Collins. I am a production artist with over thirty years experience in the Graphic Arts Industry. For the last seven years I have been living in Cambodia which I love, and before that for thirty in San Francisco.

In 2014 after a ‘gap year’ traveling in Asia I started back to work from my new home office in Phnom Penh. Hence WFKH, working from Kampuchea.

Not only am I fortunate enough to love the work I do but also to get the experience of working with some really talented creatives.

My main objective is to expand my working relationships with companies Stateside who could utilize my abilities and are open to having work done remotely.


My everyday go-to software is Adobe’s Creative Suite CC. 
I made the bar graphs below to give a breakdown of my skill levels in Creative Suite and other software I use regularly. 

Kinda cheesy, but hey… look! the pretty colors!