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Hi there, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Peter Collins. I am a production artist with over thirty years experience in the Graphic Arts Industry. For the last seven years I have been living in Cambodia which I love, and before that for thirty in San Francisco.

In 2014 after a ‘gap year’ traveling in Asia I started back to work from my new home office in Phnom Penh. Hence WFKH, working from Kampuchea.

Not only am I fortunate enough to love the work I do but also to get the experience of working with some really talented creatives.

My main objective is to expand my working relationships with companies Stateside who could utilize my abilities and are open to having work done remotely.


My everyday go-to software is Adobe’s Creative Suite CC. 
I made the bar graphs below to give a breakdown of my skill levels in Creative Suite and other software I use regularly. 

Kinda cheesy, but hey… look! the pretty colors!


After Effects




  • March 2013 – Present


    Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    Design & Art Production

    in summary

    After settling in to Asia and Cambodia, I hung out my shingle. The first job I picked up is still the largest one I have done remotely. It was a redesign and relaunch of the (Kingsoft) website. My responsibilities included the new web design, the necessary art and setting up the Wordpress templates. The art creation was varied, from comping screenshots of the app into various mobile devices, to making dozens of original SVG icons. Considering the amount of eyes required for the approval process, it went very well. I like working big projects like that where I can take the ball and run with it, knowing the big picture and what needs to done.

    Other than that specifically, all my work comes from ad agencies and vendors back home. I make a lot of print mechanicals and banner ads, sometimes only from a rough CD layout file. Then I resize them accordingly per their media plans. Sometimes I get to make animated banners—with the real challenge being making the files as tiny as possible.

    For the last two years I’ve been doing seasonal high-end retouching for a New York shop. Their customers’ product is shoes and the files they supply me with are enormous. Ultimately they wrap entire buildings with them in the fashion districts.

  • May 2011 – March 2012


    San Francisco and The Bay Area
    Studio Art Production

    in summary

    Knowing I was going to travel, I freelanced for my last year in San Francisco. It was a mixed bag of tasks, there was pitch work for Heat and Duncan Channon and Mini Cooper ads at Butler. While I didn’t get to do any ground breaking work, I did get to work with some great people at some great places.

    • Duncan Channon  San Francisco
    • Heat  San Francisco
    • Butler, Stern, Shine & Partners  Sausalito
    • Young & Rubicam  San Francisco
  • February 2007 – May 2011

    Cutwater Inc.

    San Francisco, California
    Studio Art Production

    responsibilities included

    • creating polished layouts from AD/CD tissues
    • creating mechanicals and resizing them for publications and web
    • creating animated banners
    • quality assurance, brand policing and consistency
    • creating brand style guides 
    • transforming plain Word and Excel Docs into visually appealing presentations
    • photo comping for ads, new business, storyboards
    • new business support, laying out leave behind books, large format boards, decks
    • printing and mounting oversized prints
    • hand making and binding books
  • July 2005 – February 2007

    TBWA Chiat Day

    San Francisco, California
    Interim Studio Manager
    Studio Art Production

    responsibilities included

    • creating polished layouts for ad campaigns based on CD tissues 
    • creating mechanicals and breaking all sizes out for publications
    • quality assurance, maintaining overall look and feel
    • photo comping for ads, new business, storyboards
    • creating brand style guide books  
    • creating presentations, turning plain looking text in more glamorous renditions
    • new business materials: leave behinds, books, large format prints, boards
    • voiceovers for anthems and TV spots
    • hiring and training studio staff
  • April 2004 – July 2005

    Publicis & Hal Riney

    San Francisco, California
    Studio Art Production

    responsibilities included

    • creating mechanicals and various sizes for national publications
    • new business materials, books, boards, decks 
    • photo comping for various ADs
    • creating presentations
    • quality assurance
    • creating brand style guides 
  • June 1995 – June 1997

    Cal Litho

    Inglewood, California
    Lead Prepress Operator

    in summary

    Primarily I prepared client files for film output. My responsibilities ranged from high-end retouching for Honda Auto to regular preflighting of incoming files. I created hi-res versions of client supplied mockups. Custom made dielines Disney packaging, all shapes and sizes. Oversaw the trapping, pagination of files. Troubleshooting where necessary.

  • May 1992 – June 1995

    Star Graphic Arts Inc.

    Foster City, California
    Lead Prepress Operator 

    in summary

    As lead prepress operator I was responsible for preflighting and preparing client files for film output. Retouching, trapping and pagination. Often this involved rebuilding the customer files so they would look good. These were still early days in the desktop revolution and everyone was on a learning curve. When files broke the RIPs or just didn’t plot, I was the guy who got to get into the Postscript code. They must have known that I secretly enjoyed troubleshooting.